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June 2017

Responding to a Data Breach

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It happened. You were going about your business when, all of a sudden, you discovered someone compromised your organization’s sensitive information. There’s no doubt that a data breach is incredibly stressful and can be quite costly. However, you have to act quickly.

Many businesses and organizations don’t have a cybersecurity policy or breach response plan, and drafting those plans in the wake of a breach can cause delays in assessment and recovery, as well as increased data loss if time continues to pass. In today’s changing online landscape, cyber threats lurk around each and every corner, so it’s essential to protect yourself and your organization before even the most minuscule piece of information is compromised.

In the event that your organization experiences a data breach, the Federal Trade Commission advises you to take the following steps:

1. Secure Your Operations

  • Assemble a team of experts to conduct the breach response, including data forensics and legal teams.
  • Secure any physical areas if the breach included the loss of physical items like equipment or hard copies.
  • Once approved by forensic teams, take any affected systems offline to stop additional loss.
  • If the breach included any information posted to your website, remove that information.
  • Interview those who discovered the breach.
  • Don’t destroy any evidence or anything you may believe is evidence.

2. Fix Vulnerabilities

  •  If the breach was due to a service provider breach, assess and modify access they have and ensure they’re taking the necessary steps to prevent future breaches.
  • Work with forensic experts to analyze the network segmentation to ensure the breach was contained to a specific part of the network.
  • Be prepared to communicate all key details to affected audiences without including information that can cause additional risk.

3. Notify Affected Parties

  • Determine your legal requirements for breach notifications.
  • Include law enforcement during the process.
  • Alert all affected individuals.
  • Contact all other affected organizations.

A cybersecurity policy and data breach response plan are key elements in keeping you and your organization safe at a time when cyber crime is at an all time high. But you need more than one solution to safely and completely secure your information.

iLOCK360 and eLOCK360 are here to help safeguard your organization’s sensitive data. With iLOCK360’s comprehensive identity theft protection, you can rest easy knowing your top assets, your students, and your employees are shielded from hackers. Meanwhile, eLOCK360 will monitor your employees’ credentials on the dark web to stay one step ahead of a potential breach.

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