About us

Mission Statement

We deliver cybersecurity solutions that provide peace of mind.

Our mission is to protect schools, governments, and corporations and their clients, students, employees, and stakeholders with the best Cybersecurity solutions available for individuals and enterprises. We will provide superb knowledge and excellent customer service to allow our subscribers to live safely and protect their identities, businesses, families, and assets in an ever-changing technological world.

Our story

In 2013, TCG Group Holdings developed eLOCK360 in order to protect its clients and their employees from the ever-growing threat of identity theft. Today, eLOCK360 is implemented across the state of Texas and beyond to help educators, employees, and individuals live safely, knowing their identities are monitored around the clock. We aim to protect our subscribers with the best cybersecurity solutions available, and to provide knowledge and customer service that allows our subscribers to take extra care in all aspects of their online safety.