Hello ACSA Member!

Thank you for choosing iLOCK360. We’re looking forward to providing you with comprehensive identity theft and credit monitoring. We’re happy to offer you special ACSA member pricing at a significant savings from our regular retail pricing.

To access your special ACSA member discount, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please refer to the iLOCK360 ACSA Member Product Guide for plan options and pricing to determine which level of coverage is right for you. This will show the iLOCK360 plans that are discounted for you as an ACSA member.
  2. Click the button below to access the iLOCK360 signup page
  3. In the “Have a promo code?” box, please enter the promo code for the respective iLOCK360 plan you wish to purchase.

ACSA Member Promo Codes

iLOCK360 Basic plan promo code: ACSABASIC
iLOCK360 Plus plan promo code: ACSAPLUS
iLOCK360 Premium plan promo code: ACSAPREMIUM
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  1. Only one adult (18 years old+) can be monitored per iLOCK360 plan. For multiple adult signups, please purchase the first adult at the ACSA member price and each additional adult should choose the “Spouse” coverage option.
  2. A unique email address must be used to sign up each adult (18 years old+). Once an email address has been used to sign up for an iLOCK360 account, it cannot be used for subsequent signups.
  3. Coverage may be purchased for children (under 18) by choosing the “Member & Children” option available with each plan type. This will provide coverage for up to 10 children under one plan.